Best Drywall & Framing Service in Birmingham AL



Best Drywall & Framing Service in Birmingham AL

Cold-Formed Metal Framing

Best drywall and framing service in Birmingham, AL,  Exterior metal framing is a great choice for the wide selection of building systems. The elements are cold-formed from sheet metal, therefore, achieving stringent tolerances and guaranteeing the quality you deserve. Metal framing is different from wood framing because metal framing is non-combustible, as well as rot and warp resistant. Furthermore, the facing of the wall is ensured to be straight and exact, whether it is 10 feet in height or 60 feet in height. There are a variety of sizes and thicknesses to choose from, providing framing members of all levels of flexibility and unlike any other framing system.

Enciso Painting trained metal framing professionals are here to complete your exterior framing system successfully. Our framing professionals are skilled in all the latest practices of exterior metal framing, including load-bearing and non-load bearing. In the event of minor architectural framing details, we ensure our professionals will use code-compliant connections that meet or exceed the industry standard.

Light Gauge Metal Framing

Interior metal framing systems will bring a variety of premium attributes to your framing project. Through the variety of metal stud members, increased design flexibility is available, allowing the ability to construct curved elements easily. As mentioned before, metal framing systems are non-combustible and will not rot or warp. Metal framing is readily available and pre-punched for all mechanical and electrical systems. Due to the high strength-to-weight ratio, metal framing allows us to build whatever you dream of.

In addition, Enciso Painting offers framing and drywall. There is no need to issue separate contracts because we offer both services. With over 20 years of experience, we offer the lowest possible price so our clients can remain within their budget.

Drywall/Gypsum Wallboard

The drywall or gypsum wallboard installed by Enciso professionals is more advanced than in the past. With today’s high-performing wallboards, we build safer, stronger, quieter, and environmentally healthy walls. High-performing wallboards include mold-resistant face papers, anti-microbial cores, fiberglass reinforced mesh, and ceramic-polymer-gypsum. Our team of professional carpenters can provide you with traditional paper-faced gypsum or a high-performance gypsum panel.

Exterior gypsum products offer a variety of options just as their interior counterparts. Our carpenters can install traditional paper-faced, glass mat-faced, and fiber-reinforced gypsum sheathing. We are educated in all the latest products and materials and can help your design team select the best material for the project’s application.

Most importantly, with the best drywall and framing service in Birmingham, AL,  the proper finishing of the panel is critical to its appearance and performance. Our tapers are known for their high-quality finishes and finish a large number of square feet of drywall each year.

The proper finishing of the panel is crucial to its appearance and performance. Our tapers finish millions of square feet of drywall each year and are known for their high-quality finishes. We aim to provide the finishes you demand that will serve the project for years.

Paint & Wallcovering

Enciso Painting provides top-notch, professional commercial interior and exterior painting, coating, and wallcovering scopes on stand-alone paint and wallcovering contracts. In addition, we package these services with framing services for clients that desire a complete system with only one contract.

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